Topp 5 RTS spel genom tiderna

Topp 5 RTS spel genom tiderna

juli 5, 2019 0 av Deadrock Game

As hard core gamers and fans of arcade games, we love to look back at amazing games . We have therefore put together a list that contains some of the best RTS games.

Join us when we take a closer look at these top-rated games, and why they got a place on our list.

Command & Conquer: Rivals


On December 4, 2018, Command & Conquer: Rivals was released. This is one of the best RTS games that come to mobile platform. This 1-on-1 multiplayer game is played with participants who select teams and then build their platforms and headquarters.

This title didn’t get much attention, as it was released to mobile platforms and not to consoles / computers. Despite this, the game received impressive reviews with 8/10 of GameSpace and 8.5 / 10 from KeenGamer.

Company of Heroes 2

This game is about resources, combat techniques, buildings, weather and the art of war. This RTS game took the essence of World War II and turned it into one of the biggest game titles in 2013.

Unlike Command & Conquer: Rivals – Company of Heroes 2 is more refined when it comes to gameplay and storyline, and it focuses on the Soviet front line during World War II. The game received high marks – including 8.4 / 10 from IGN and 80% from PC Gamer.

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

If you heard about this game, you probably expect this on this list. The story of Warcraft is one of the biggest RTS successes ever launched in the history of computer games.

Warcraft III – Reign of Chaos was released in July 2002, and it immediately created headlines around the world.

The game is just like many other RTS games divided into playable moments, but instead of groups of armies, the division was based on races. Orcs, people, night elves, the undead and the dwarfs.

Over the years, the Warcraft series has continued to be the largest and best multiplayer online game of all time despite the success of DOTA. After this game, DOTA 2, which dominated the eSports platform for many years, came in billions of dollars.

Hela spelbranschen ser fram emot en uppdatering av Warcraft III – eller hoppas på att Blizzard ska göra ett återintåg med ett nytt RTS-mästerverk.

Halo Wars 2

Halo är inte bara ett first-person-shooter spel. Halo Wars 2 kom 2017, och först mottogs det med blandade reaktioner från kritikerkåren och spelarna. Men på grund av dess fantastiska science-fiction-känsla, terräng och tema så fick spelet ett mycket positivt mottagande av miljoner spelare runt om i världen.

Iron Harvest

Iron Harvest är bonus då det kommer att lanseras av King Art Games till PlayStation 4, Xbox One och Microsoft Windows. Spelet har inspirerats av Jakub Rozalskis alternativa verklighet.

Historien handlar om tiden efter det stora världskriget och hur mänskligheten hittade vägar till överlevnad. Kritikerna letar efter kvalite och nya RTS-idéer – kommer spelet att leverera?

Bonus: Book of Dead

Book of Dead är annorlunda jämfört med alla andra spel vi tidigare nämnt på många sätt – inklusive dess koncept. Book of Dead är ett spel för spelautomater! Det kan tyckas konstigt att ha ett spel för spelautomater i listan – men om man tänker närmare på det så är spelautomater faktiskt RTS-spel.

The Book of Dead has special features such as a big jackpot win and bonus spins that can maximize your winnings by 5000. Strategy is not a big part of the game – but it is not an unimportant factor, as developers do not leave the game all the way.

More updates will come from Deadrock Game regarding the new game Iron Harvest – so keep your eyes open. For more game news and trends – check out Deadrock today.