Welcome to the official site of the video game Deadrock, created and maintained by Alex May.

Deadrock is a survival game set in a zombie-infested town in Nevada. As the only living human being in Deadrock, sent in to eliminate the source of the undead scourge, you’ll have to carefully marshall the resources available to you in order to ensure your survival. Stash water and ammo in safe houses and board up the windows and doors. Creep around in the deserted alleyways to avoid detection. Make every shot count.

Get to the bottom of the mystery!

Deadrock takes inspiration from its predecessor Cottage Of Doom; a number of other video games; some zombie films; the book I Am Legend by Richard Matheson and rogue-like games. With its randomly-generated town, seething swarms of zombies the volume of which you may never have seen in a video game before, and its harrowing survival gameplay, Deadrock will be a different experience every time you play it.

The game is currently in the prototype stage.

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  1. me

    any way to get added to a mailing list?

    believe it or not, i LOVED cottage of doom, and was actually searching around to see if it had any updates (because, yea, it was buggy and never met its full potential). so… i’d love to stay updated on this project without needing to actually, you know, remember to check back in.

  2. Death From Above

    Deadrock looks promising, thumbs up, I hope it turns out to be as good as Cottage of Doom! Now that was an amazing game, can’t wait!

  3. Alex Post author

    So, about a year in, not much has happened. I should really pick up the pace. I keep thinking about it, so the project is still very much on.

  4. Krumbs

    By eck am I looking forward to this. I just hope I’ve scratched up enough pennies to purchase a PC by the time you’re finished!

  5. Orlando

    Hello Alex, can we have a small chat by email? (I suppose you can see the email I am leaving by posting) Thank you! 🙂

  6. Alan.B

    Hello, my name is Alan and i’m from Poland and that’s why my English is so bad :). I wanted to ask you a question. Will there in Deadrock will be something like hunger,thirst and sleepiness? I am very interested in zombie gams like fort zombie,Survival crysis Z and cottage of doom aswell 🙂 Pleas Reply

  7. Tyler

    Stumbled upon this while researching materials for Survival Crisis Z. I have to ask, are you still working on this? I sincerely hope so.


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