Cottage of Doom reviewed on Destructoid:

Cottage of Doom, winner of TIGSource’s B-Game Competition, is one part shooter, one part tower defense, and one part survival horror. It is, in other words, totally addictive and awesome.

Cottage of Doom’s most interesting mechanic, by far, is the player’s ability to block windows, doors, and entire areas off by moving furniture. Though it sounds like a small thing, there’s literally no other zombie game I can think of (heck, maybe no other game, period) which allows you to dynamically barricade certain parts of a house.

In most zombie games, barricading is a binary thing: you either do it, or you don’t. In Cottage of Doom, barricading is an integral, strategic part of the game. If you don’t keep the right parts of the cottage defended, you’ll get overwhelmed quickly. If you don’t destroy certain barricades ot get ammo from them, you won’t be able to take out the encroaching zombies. If you can’t strategize and find a good balance between blasting the undead and maintaining your barricades and doors, you’ll be screwed.

The barricading system almost makes Cottage of Doom more of a strategy game than an action title. Blasting zombies is fun, of course, but the gunplay never gets any more complicated than “click on this zombie a few times to kill it,” while the barricading gameplay has an incredible amount of depth and nuance. I’m not typically one to enjoy thinking in my zombie games, but Cottage of Doom tricked me into loving every minute of strategic, furniture-moving glory.

Thanks Anthony! Glad you liked it 🙂

4 thoughts on “Destructoided

  1. Aubrey

    I just thought: if the size of the level and the amount of obstacles were increased (and the zombies could handle the pathing), you could start to do that tower defense style trick of creating a maze to funnel zombies through while you take pot-shots at the end of it.

    Not really a suggestion at this point. Just a thought.

  2. Derek

    What’s going on? Any progress lately? Seems like you’ve gotten a bit sidetracked by all this delicious procedural content. I’m not sayign it’s a bad thing, but you could at least show us a few screen caps now and then.

    1. Alex Post author

      Hi Derek,

      Deadrock is currently on hold while we deal with Dyson, which is taking up all my spare time at the moment. So, no progress on the actual game right now. Exciting things could be happening though. Expect news on the blog as it happens 🙂




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