Survival Crisis Z

Ska Software, whose games I love, have a really, really awesome free game called Survival Crisis Z that makes me want to just give up and abandon Deadrock forever. Why should I bother now? What is the point? SCZ is the game Deadrock is supposed to be, pretty much.

7 thoughts on “Survival Crisis Z

  1. Aubrey

    Don’t give up. Just treat it as useful reference.

    You’ll be able to see what works in Survival Crisis Z, and what doesn’t.

    Stand on the shoulders of giants, my friend.

  2. Alehkhs

    What Aubrey said.

    If my review on TIGSource dissuaded you from completing Deadrock, I would actually never forgive myself. Indeed, my love of SCZ and constant hunger for a similar game is what originally drew me HERE to YOUR game. I was instantly excited that I could look forward to another great game of this type.

    Fortunately for you, as Aubrey said, this game provides you with a guinea-pig: you’ll be able to see what is possible, and from the comments on TIGSource (and other sites) concerning SCZ, you’ll be able to see possible complaints before they arise.

    I write my reviews with one intention in heart: to draw attention to games that I feel deserve it. This is both for people who play games, as well as those that make the games we play – inspiration, and knowing that such a project is possible, is something I feel every developer needs at some point in their career.

    So drive on, continue with your project: if SCZ should be anything to you, it should be a promise that there is a crowd eagerly awaiting what you have to offer (I for one am!).


  3. deepcut

    I just found out about Deadrock from the first comment on TIGSource’s recent Survival Crisis Z post.
    Your About page description sounds like my dream game, zombie survivalist roguelike with action zombie shooting and graphics like Cottage of Doom.. where can I buy this?!

    I think Cottage Of Doom was the only game from the B-Game Competition I tried because of it’s zombie and survivalist themes. Nice pixelly graphics, and I really like the wood collecting element for barricades.

    Survival Crisis Z I’ve played some time ago and really enjoyed. Definitely one of the better zombie games I’ve played.

    Another Indie game I’ve really enjoyed recently was Stranded 2
    And I would love to see more games with this sort of survivalist elements, especially with a zombie theme.

    I could rant on about ideas I have for a game like this, but suffice to say on the strength of Cottage of Doom and your cited references I will be looking forward to trying Deadrock.

  4. Ajimbo

    Couple other improvements
    1)More varied quests(like go looking for mechanics texts at a local car dealership)
    2)More unique buildings, like the car dealerships mentioned or libraries.
    3)More involved character development. The house leaders never really evolve past quest dealers.
    4)multistory buildings like you showed earlier. Very cool quest possibilities there. Maybe clear out a 30 story hotel because some quest dealer’s sister or whatever died there and he wants to put her to rest blablabla.

    I like the neat engine posts. Looks like you’ve got a really cool game in the works.


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