Town generation baby steps

I’ve been working on town generation for a while now, since the last update. I did a bunch of internet research and I have a bunch of links to throw up on the blog here but I haven’t written it up yet. So here’s an update of what’s been going on.

A week ago:

And today:

What you are looking at is a broad plan of the town – these are large lots into which smaller building lots will be placed. The generation process is fairly simple and goes like this: first I generate a population density map, which is a combination of a cloud of points with an area effect and Perlin noise. Next I distribute some road seeds across the map. These grow outward and branch into smaller roads if they don’t collide with another road. I then distribute building lot seeds over that and grow those at different rates until they can’t grow any more.

Next stage is to put some lots inside the lots I have already made, and then move on to building generation, which I reckon is going to be much harder 🙂

3 thoughts on “Town generation baby steps

  1. Dan

    The results are impressive. I did something similar a while ago on one of my projects but it wasn’t so procedural (and was probably a lot slower).

    I had a data directory full of city pieces that fit together a bit like a jigsaw. I wanted to be able to grow the city over time. So gradually over a number of frames an extra piece here and there would be added (if it fit). The results were also quite cool. I really like the idea of procedurally generated city and procedurally generated content in general.

    Looking forward to see where this goes!

  2. Fab Trillaud


    I am working on a town generation algorithm myself (although I only started a week ago..) and I only have a few months to complete it. Can you show me some of the docs you found on the Internet?

    Thank you ^^

    NB : here’s my mail


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