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Dyson plans

Thanks to everyone who left feedback on Dyson.

I’ve been discussing Dyson with Rudolf, who is the chief designer on this project. The plans we have laid out for the game design actually incorporate many of the ideas that people have fed back after playing the game. Partly it’s because they’re great ideas and we want to give people what they want, and partly it’s because we had already planned to put these elements of the design in.

Among these additions will be a limitation of how far you can expand; more emphasised attribute effects; interface improvements; defensive structures; improved enemy AI; more visual feedback. Hopefully when we’re done, we will have a more rounded and complete game. If you’d like to know more, do feel free to write to Rudolf or me. We really love getting feedback.

I’ve been on a break after the competition deadline, but I couldn’t help messing around with a few bits of code to make the trees look nicer. This is an early prototype of the code:


I took a month out from Deadrock to participate in TIGSource’s procedurally generated content competition.

I teamed up with a good friend of mine and we are quite proud of what we ended up with.

Dyson is a kind of RTS about taking over an asteroid belt. There’s even some procedural content in there that may be useful for Deadrock, so the time taken to write the game was definitely not wasted in Deadrock terms.

Here are a few screenshots:


You can download the game here.

All feedback gratefully received!

The official competition thread is here.