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Cottage of Doom reviewed on Destructoid:

Cottage of Doom, winner of TIGSource’s B-Game Competition, is one part shooter, one part tower defense, and one part survival horror. It is, in other words, totally addictive and awesome.

Cottage of Doom’s most interesting mechanic, by far, is the player’s ability to block windows, doors, and entire areas off by moving furniture. Though it sounds like a small thing, there’s literally no other zombie game I can think of (heck, maybe no other game, period) which allows you to dynamically barricade certain parts of a house.

In most zombie games, barricading is a binary thing: you either do it, or you don’t. In Cottage of Doom, barricading is an integral, strategic part of the game. If you don’t keep the right parts of the cottage defended, you’ll get overwhelmed quickly. If you don’t destroy certain barricades ot get ammo from them, you won’t be able to take out the encroaching zombies. If you can’t strategize and find a good balance between blasting the undead and maintaining your barricades and doors, you’ll be screwed.

The barricading system almost makes Cottage of Doom more of a strategy game than an action title. Blasting zombies is fun, of course, but the gunplay never gets any more complicated than “click on this zombie a few times to kill it,” while the barricading gameplay has an incredible amount of depth and nuance. I’m not typically one to enjoy thinking in my zombie games, but Cottage of Doom tricked me into loving every minute of strategic, furniture-moving glory.

Thanks Anthony! Glad you liked it 🙂

More Cottage of Doom sightings

Shapermc from The Gamer’s Quarter conducted a random indie game challenge incorporating Cottage of Doom. He didn’t like it:

I can’t drag myself into playing this again. It’s really clunky to control, isn’t very accurate, and just plain not-fun. There’s too much going on and I don’t really feel like I have enough control over any of it.

I think this is pretty fair – the controls are horrible and it can be really hard to aim. I didn’t really have time to polish the interface very much. Personally I like the increasing panic as the number of zombies increases – do you fall back and defend only one room in the cottage, or keep trying to maintain all four to take advantage of furniture drops? Anyway if one can’t get past clunky controls, one can’t be expected to appreciate the game in any depth – not that it has much of that.

Spincut is currently playing through the B-games from the competition. Here’s his two-parter on Cottage of Doom:

Cottage of Doom is among Tim’s Best Freeware Arcade Games of 2007.

update: Games For Windows magazine lists Cottage of Doom in their 52 free games article:

GFW Feb 08

Cottage of Doom in the wild

A few instances of people noticing and talking about Cottage of Doom. Cottage of Doom is the game on which Deadrock is based. You can download it here.

GameShadow devoted a whole page of a 3-page article to Cottage Of Doom:

Allow me to introduce you to Cottage of Doom. It’s free, 8 megs, and I’m about to talk about it at length, so go get acquainted.

You wouldn’t know it, but Cottage of Doom is the future. Yes, it looks like the back end of a horse, but it’s more advanced than the entire Half-Life series put together.

Cottage of Doom was also featured on the PC Gamer UK cover-disc for January 2008, along with some of its peers from the B-game competition. They also wrote about some of the games in an article in the issue.

Cottage of Doom review

Click the above image to see the whole page.

Swedish game mag Super Play wrote up a whole article on the B-game competition spanning 2 pages. They also recommend playing Cottage of Doom as an alternative to playing Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.

I’d like to thank anyone who has taken the time to write about Cottage of Doom, and I’m very happy that people enjoy it. That’s what it’s all about!