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I took a month out from Deadrock to participate in TIGSource’s procedurally generated content competition.

I teamed up with a good friend of mine and we are quite proud of what we ended up with.

Dyson is a kind of RTS about taking over an asteroid belt. There’s even some procedural content in there that may be useful for Deadrock, so the time taken to write the game was definitely not wasted in Deadrock terms.

Here are a few screenshots:


You can download the game here.

All feedback gratefully received!

The official competition thread is here.

3D models working / first public devlog

So this is the first public development log for Deadrock. I’ve been posting screenshots for some time to the forum, but I’ve decided to move most of my output to the blog.

Deadrock started as a 2D rendered isometric view much like the old X-Com games. I was calculating all the depth myself and drawing everything by hand. It was all rather tedious and confusing, so for this reason amongst others, I switched to 3D.

It was fairly easy to do in the end, and I managed to reproduce my old 2D view pretty quickly. One upshot of this is that I can draw anything I like in 3D now, so I decided to make all the furniture in the game 3D. The furniture is created in Blender, and then exported to Wavefront .OBJ, loaded in to the game and drawn as a display list (or in OpenGL immediate mode).

Attack of the Giant Chairs

This is 60 chairs each of 6 quads rendered at different angles and at a far greater scale than they ought to be, on top of what the world currently looks like. Most of the draw time is drawing the world, as it’s not properly culled to the camera frustum. It currently takes 2 milliseconds to draw these chairs on my machine. Should be OK to use as it is then.